Albertsons Catering Prices

Deemed “Idaho’s largest and finest food store”, Albertsons’ Market Catering is one of the best options for special events and functions. You can choose from a wide array of bakery, wine and beer, and party trays catering options. You will get to enjoy the delicious food one set at a time, with the catering tray coming first and the wine coming last. Numerous food experts recommend Albertsons.

Here’s a list of Albertsons catering prices:


Albertsons Catering Menu

Bakery Everyday Trays

Fresh Baked Muffins$10.99
Fresh Pastries$10.99
Mini-Muffin Tray$10.99
Scone Trays$16.99
Variety Sliced Bagel Tray$10.99


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Albertsons LLC is an American grocery company founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson. It offered various departments and services. It acquired numerous companies and has also also been acquired by SuperValu, Cerberus, and CVS Pharmacy due to debt. The chain runs under the following banners: Albertsons, ACME, Amigos, Lucky, and Jewel-Osco.

Albertsons departments include bakery, deli, dairy, general grocery, frozen food, meat, seafood, and liquor. It runs in 1,075 locations and employs 112,000 people.

What They’re Famous for

As previously mentioned, they are known for their various tray options. Here are some of the sets you can enjoy:

  • Chicken Buckets – These include two pounds of chicken wings or chicken tenders alongside one pound of seasoned potato wedges. Chicken buckets are a great choice for quick dinners or game day parties at home.
  • Three- to Six-Foot Party Subs – These subs feature French bread that you can custom order. They come in either All-American or Italian.
  • Entertainment Platter – It is basically a diverse assortment of cheeses complemented by gourmet crackers and a selection of apple wedges, strawberries, and grapes.

Why Eat at Albertsons

Albertsons offers a wide array of options that you can enjoy. There will always be a good set for the type of event you plan to hold.

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