Baja Fresh Catering Prices

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill is a fast casual restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine. Their menu features a selection of tacos, burritos, taquitos, fresh salads and other Mexican favorites. They are known for using the freshest and highest quality of ingredients to their meals that are all served in generous servings. Baja Fresh catering features a customizable menu plan of fresh meals delivered with complete set of utensils for you convenience. Catering orders may be placed online or through your local restaurant. They currently have over 250 locations across the United States, Singapore and Dubai.

Here’s a list of Baja Fresh catering prices:


Baja Fresh Catering Menu

Party Packs, Platters, & Buffets

Fajita Fiesta (serves 10)$79.99
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack (serves 5)$44.95
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack with Steak (serves 5)$46.95
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5)$46.95
New Deluxe Sampler Platter (serves 6)$59.99
New Deluxe Sampler Platter with Steak (serves 6)$69.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack (serves 5)$37.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Chicken (serves 5)$39.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Steak (serves 5)$41.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5)$39.99
10 Tacos Party Pack (serves 5)$34.99
10 Tacos Party Pack with Steak (serves 5)$36.99
10 Tacos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5)$36.99
20 Chicken Taquitos Party Pack (serves 6)$39.95
20 Chicken Taquitos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 6)$41.95

Salads & Sides

Guacamole and Chips$3.59/person
Mango Chipotle Chicken Salad (serves 5)$29.99
Caesar Salad (serves 5)$29.99
Baja Ensalada (serves 5)$29.99
Black Beans$3.95/person
Pinto Beans$3.95/person


5 Churros (serves 6)$4.95


Assorted Individual Sodas$1.89/person
Bottled Water$1.99/person
Bottled Vitamin Water$2.39/person


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Jim and Linda Magglos opened the first Baja Fresh at the Newbury Park in Conejo Valley, California in 1990. In a time when the fast food business was evidently booming, the Magglos thought about offering something else, foods that are served fast but far from pre-packed, tin-canned and meals that went through freezers and microwaves. The idea of delicious yet still nutritious meals is what set them apart from their competitors, and it is obviously one of the many reasons why their patrons continually chose them over their competitors. With more than 25 years in the business, Baja Fresh remains committed in serving real food that promotes good nutrition and good health.

What They’re Famous For

Baja Grill is famous for their flame grilled tortillas and other Mexican comfort food. Here are some of their dishes that will surely make your next party a blast:

  • Fajita Fiesta – your choice of fire grille chicken, pork carnitas or tender steak with grilled peppers, chilies, Baja rice, your choice of vegetarian or black pinto beans, fresh guacamole, cheese blends, onions & cilantro, sour cream and your choice of flour or corn tortilla. Comes with Baja ensalada, fresh chips and two salsas.
  • Mini Tostadas – five pieces of individually served flour tortilla filled with your choice of fire grilled chicken or tender steak, fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, your choice of vegetarian or black pinto beans, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Why eat at Baja Fresh

If you are looking for a Mexican fast casual restaurant to cater on your next occasion, Baja Fresh is definitely a great choice. With their wide selection of fresh, delicious and authentic Mexican favorites, you can be sure that your guest will have fun mixing and matching their meals. Additionally, their prices are very competitive compared to other restaurants that have the same offerings as theirs.

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