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Basic Etiquette on Inviting Colleagues to Your Home Party

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The caterer – Chipotle, if you’re going for Tex-Mex food – has been chosen, the theme has been decided on, and the time and place has been set. Even your guest list is nearly complete but you’re still tackling one more tricky issue – should you or shouldn’t you invite work colleagues to your home party?

The decision is yours and yours alone to make because it’s your party. But before sending the invitations, whether traditional pen-and-paper or digital means, here are a few things to consider.  

Consider Your Length of Stay

If you’re new to the job, such as less than a year, then you’re not obligated to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry in the office. You also shouldn’t expect invitations to the home parties of your colleagues because of your newbie status.  

Keep It Hush-Hush

If you’re only inviting a few selected people, then you should keep it hush-hush regardless if you’re a newbie or a veteran. You don’t want to offend people who expect the invitation for whatever reason but aren’t on your guest list.

  • Use personal emails instead of the company’s network.
  • Emphasize the importance of keeping the event between yourselves in the invitation, such as on the email’s subject line.
  • Cite the reason for discretion, if possible, when you give the invitation. The party, for example, may be limited to close family and friends due to its private nature.  
  • Avoid mentioning, much less discussing, the upcoming party in the office where people are more likely to overhear the conversation.  

But there will be instances when word will get out regardless of your discretion. In this case, you aren’t obligated to provide a detailed explanation to the non-invited persons, if they ask. You can just say that it’s a private party and leave it at that.   

Be a Gracious Host

Many of your invited colleagues will likely be first-timers in your home. Your responsibilities should include being a gracious host to them so that they feel like they belong to the party. You may pay them an extra five minutes of attention, for example, so that they can become more comfortable and introduce them to the others in the group.  

When it’s your turn to be a guest in their home parties, you will be provided with the same hospitality.  You will also find that inviting colleagues to your home can strengthen the professional relationship in the office because of a new sense of camaraderie.  

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