Bob Evans Catering Prices

Bob Evans is an American casual restaurant chain specializing in home-style breakfast meals. Their menu features a wide range of farm-fresh meals, all-day breakfast meals, freshly baked breads and goodies, fresh salads and sandwiches and made from scratch side dishes. Aside from their restaurants, the company is also known for their food processing, food service, retail and catering services.

Bob Evans catering service offers an array of breakfast buffet, box lunch meals and dinner platters that are all suited to any special occasion. What’s great about their catering food is that since all their ingredients are sourced through their local farm, you can be sure that you are serving your guests with genuinely fresh home cooked meals. Catering orders may be placed through their website, their hotline or in local stores near you. They currently have more than 600 locations across the United States, mostly in Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern and Southern states.

Here’s a list of Bob Evan’s catering prices:


Bob Evans Catering Menu

Breakfast (minimum 10)

Classic Breakfast$5.00/person
Griddle Combo$5.00/person
Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich Breakfast$5.00/person
Signature Breakfast$8.00/person
Egg Lites Breakfast$6.00/person

Additional Items (serves 10)

Yogurt Bar$30.00
Special Continental$50.00
Specialty Bread$5.00/loaf
Bob Evans Cinnamon Blossoms (10)$8.00

Boxed Meals (minimum10)

Breakfast Sandwich Box$6.00/person
1/2 Wrap$7.00/person
Whole Wrap$9.00/person
Premium Salad$7.00/person
1/2 Deli Sandwich$8.00/person
Whole Deli Sandwich$10.00/person

Platters (serves 10)

Meat and Cheese$40.00
Chicken Tenders (30)$30.00
Vegetable Tray$15.00

Lunch (minimum 10)

Burger Bar$8.00/person
Slider Buffet$8.00/person
Baked Potato Bar$7.00/person
Soup, Salad, Wrap Combo$7.00/person
Entree Salad, Soup & Bread$7.00/person

Dinner (minimum 10)

Classic Entrees$9.00/person
Choose your PROTEIN:
• Slow-Roasted Turkey & Dressing • Country-Fried Steak
• Chicken Breasts (crispy or grilled) • Chicken Tenders
• Pot Roast • Ham
Choose your BREAD:
• Rolls • Biscuits • Banana Nut • Seasonal Specialty Bread
Choose 2 SIDES:
• Mashed Potatoes with Gravy • Special Recipe Macaroni
• Bread & Celery Dressing • Buttered Sweet Corn
• Fresh Steamed Broccoli • Glazed Fresh Baby Carrots
• Green Beans with Ham • Signature Coleslaw • Fresh Fruit


Chocolate Chunk Cookies (10)$8.00
Peanut Butter Brownie Bites (24)$8.00
Cinnamon Blossoms (10)$8.00
Whole French Silk Pie$10.99
Whole Double Crust Apple Pie$10.99
Whole Coconut Cream Pie$9.99


Orange Juice (gallon)$10.00
Lemonade (gallon)$7.00
Signature Coffee (regular or decaf) - 96oz.$12.00
Iced Tea Sweet or Unsweet (gallon)$5.00


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The self-named restaurant chain started when Bob Evans opened his first 12-seater diner serving his own line of sausages in his southern Ohio farm in 1948. The locals often commend him for his superior sausages. Patrons began ordering in bulk and since he did not have the capacity to process and package bulk orders, he asked help from his cousin Tim Evans who owned a packaging company nearby. Bob tried offering his sausages to restaurants within the area, but owners rejected him because they believe people will not pay extra for quality. Bob on the other hand felt different, so he opened his first full-serviced restaurant in Rio Grande in 1962. Since then, more people got to know his awesome sausages and his restaurant started to gain its popularity. Soon enough, they had to open new locations to cater to the demand of their growing patrons. With more than six decades in food business, the company remains true to its founding mission, which is to provide their customers with fresh home style meals offered at a great value.

Why Choose Bob Evans for Your Catering Needs

Bob Evans catering is a great option for any social event. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to cater for office meeting or social gatherings, you can be sure that their catering menu are total crowd-pleaser. With Bob Evans, you don’t have to spend a lot to provide your guest with fresh, high-quality, authentic home-style meals.

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