Chuy’s Catering Prices

Chuy’s catering services reflect its commitment to active community involvement in the sense that each catering project gets the special treatment from all of the staff on board. Chuy’s, a chain of restaurants with Tex-Mex cuisine featuring enchiladas, nachos, tacos, and quesadillas, hosts several events including Elvis’ Birthday Bash and Green Chile Festival as well as sponsors Children Giving to Children Holiday Parade and Hot to Trot 5K marathon. It has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Here’s a list of Chuy’s catering prices:


Chuy’s Catering Menu


Salsa Fresca (serves 2-4)$2.85
Salsa Fresca (serves 6-8)$5.29
Salsa Fresca (serves 10-12)$9.99
Creamy Jalapeno (serves 2-4)$3.85
Creamy Jalapeno (serves 6-8)$6.75
Creamy Jalapeno (serves 10-12)$12.75
Guacamole (serves 2-4)$6.75
Guacamole (serves 6-8)$12.99
Guacamole (serves 10-12)$24.69
Chile Con Queso (serves 2-4)$7.50
Chile Con Queso (serves 6-8)$13.75
Chile Con Queso (serves 10-12)$25.50
Chicken Flautas (Suggested 2 Per Person)$13.75/dozen
Quesadillas (Suggested 1 Per Person)$23.50/dozen
Quesadillas with Chicken (Suggested 1 Per Person)$27.50/dozen


Fajita Bar (The Big Daddio)$15.25
Fajita Bar (The Mamacita)$12.00
Peace, Love & Enchiladas$10.39/person
The Chiquito Burrito$8.25/person
The Chiquito Burrito with fajita chicken or beef$9.25/person
Nacho Bar$8.29/person
Taco Salad$9.99/person
Mexi-Cobb Salad$10.59/person


Rice or Beans (serves 2-4)$1.50
Rice or Beans (serves 6-8)$2.85
Rice or Beans (serves 10-12)$5.29
Tres Leches$45.00/sheet
Iced Tea$9.00/gallon


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Mike Young and John Zapp co-founded Chuy’s based on a shared vision of a fun and funky restaurant with authentic Tex-Mex cuisine made and served fresh daily. The first Chili’s was located in an abandoned Texas Barbecue joint in Austin, Texas on 16 April 1982.

In 2016, Chuy’s already established over 70 restaurants in several states including Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Florida, Indiana, and Arkansas.

Why Choose It for Your Catering Needs

The affordable Chuy’s catering prices are arguably the foremost factor considered by its clients in engaging its services, especially for dine-in events. You will spend less in Chuy’s than in many of its Tex-Mex competitors without sacrificing on the quality and authenticity of the food and drinks served to the guests. You and your guests can dine on the best enchiladas, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas this part of town, all while enjoying the fun and funky vibe of a Chuy’s restaurant.

Booking Chuy’s catering services is easy, too. Your best bet is to discuss your catering needs with a Chuy’s restaurant manager, set the date and time, and pay for your orders in advance. You can expect the catering staff to deliver on their part of the deal including fresh food delivered in the right quality and quantity, satisfactory service for your guests, and fast set-up and clean-up, especially when you have other activities in store. Otherwise, you can always rely on the efficient Chuy’s customer service system to kick into gear.

Of course, the food is always the star of the table in any of Chuy’s catered events. You and your guests will just love the hand-rolled tortillas in flour, corn, and blue corn varieties; New Mexican green chiles with their distinctive flavor profile; signature homemade sauces including mild Tomatillo and spicy Hatch Green Chile Sauce; and roasted all-white chicken meat in burritos, enchiladas, and rellenos.

You can choose from several large orders, too. These include the Party Pack, which serves 4- 6 persons, and the Family pack suitable for 8-12 people.

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