Corner Bakery Catering Prices

Corner Bakery is an American chain of fast casual bakery cafés specializing in freshly baked breads and assorted pastries. Their menu also features a selection of breakfast items, gourmet sandwiches, homemade soups, fresh salads and pasta entrées. Aside from their restaurant locations, the company also offers catering service that is known for its competitive price and great variety of meal options. Corner Bakery catering offers easy options for complete meals, box lunches and build-your-own platters. Catering orders may be placed through web or in local stores. They currently have more than 190 locations across the United States.

Here’s a list of Corner Bakery catering prices:


Corner Bakery Cafe Catering Menu


The Big Scramble$65.00
With Cheese or Without Cheese$0.00
Apple Wood Smoked Bacon or Chicken Apple Sausage$0.00
Add Coffee (Serves up to 12)$10.00
Add Orange Juice$10.00
Add Hot Kit$5.00

Corner Breakfast

Small (serves 8-10)$75.00
Medium (serves 11-15)$100.00
Large (serves 16-20)$120.00
Add Fresh Fruit Medley or Fresh Fruit Tray$0.00
Add Coffee (Serves up to 12)$10.00
Add Orange Juice$10.00

Breakfast Basket

Small (15 Pieces)$45.00
Medium (23 Pieces)$65.00
Large (34 Pieces)

Muffine & Bagel Basket

Small (12 Pieces)$35.00
Medium (20 Pieces)$50.00
Large (28 Pieces)$65.00

Power Flat Tray

Flatbread Bacon Sandwich
Flatbread Sausage Sandwich$65.00
Flatbread Egg & Cheese Sandwich$65.00
Add Hot Kit$5.00

Breakfast Bite Tray

Small Breakfast Bites Tray$25.00
Medium Breakfast Bites Tray$35.00
Large Breakfast Bites Tray$45.00
California Breakfast Bar$45.00

Fresh Fruit Medley

Small (serves 8 - 10)$30.00
Medium (serves 11 - 15)$40.00
Large (serves 16 - 20)$50.00

Fresh Fruit Tray

Small (serves 8 - 10)$35.00
Medium (serves 11 - 15)$50.00
Large (serves 16 - 20)$65.00
Chilled Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal$45.00

Sandwich Baskets and Trays

Corner Classic Sandwich Basket
Small (serves 6-10)$140.00
Medium (serves 11-14)$190.00
Large (serves 15-20)$260.00
Add 10 Beverages or more for$1.00 Each

Corner Classic Sandwich Builder

Add 10 Beverages or more for$1.00 Each


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The first Corner Bakery opened on the corner of Clark and Grand Streets in downtown Chicago in 1991. The idea of the company is to provide the neighborhood with a café where friends meet to enjoy good conversations over freshly baked pastries and good coffee. Soon after it was founded, people started asking for more kinds of bread offerings and more items for their dine-in menu. Over the time, as the company grows and expands, they have also added new items to their menu to cater the ever-changing preference of their guests. They started offering the brand for franchising in 2006 and since then more restaurants open across the country. With over two decades in the food business, they remained committed in serving their guest with food that fits every lifestyle, using only the freshest ingredients and breads fresh from the oven offered at a very reasonable price.  

What They’re Famous For

Corner Bakery is known for their freshly baked breads and assorted pastries. But over the years, they have become a chosen place for fresh, healthy and exceptionally delicious home-style cooked meals. Here are some of their catering meal items:

  • Mini Sandwich Basket – an assortment of smoked turkey, roast beef, smoked ham, tomato mozzarella and D.C. chicken salad all served on a freshly baked brioche rolls. Comes with bakery chips and fresh mixed green salad.
  • Bakery Bites – a variety of freshly baked bite-sized fudge brownies, cream cheese brownies, maple pecan bars and an assortment of cookie bites.
  • Chicken Carbonara Platter – cavatappi pasta in creamy carbonara sauce with all-natural chicken, Applewood smoked bacon and spring peas, topped with toasted breadcrumbs.

Why eat at Corner Bakery

Whether you are looking to serve some light snacks or full meals on your next event, Corner Bakery can surely provide you with the most suitable meal combinations. With their very wide selection of delicious meals and desserts, you don’t have to stress out on how you can bring incredible food to your table.

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