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Cosi is an American fast casual restaurant chain based on a small café restaurant in Paris, France. Their menu features a healthy flat bread sandwiches, fresh salads and hearty soups. Cosi catering offers a great selection of fresh and healthy meal options that are all suitable to any occasion. Unlike other restaurants that requires you to place your orders at least a day before the event, they can accommodated bulk orders even on pressed times. You may place your orders through phone, their website or on any local store near you. They currently have more than 100 locations across the United States.

Here’s a list of Cosi catering prices:


Cosi Catering Menu

Sandwich Box Lunches

Sandwich Box Lunch 1$9.99
Sandwich Box Lunch 2$12.99
Sandwich Box Lunch 3$14.99

Salad Box Lunches

Salad Box Lunch 1$9.99
Salad Box Lunch 2$12.99
Salad Box Lunch 3$14.99


Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 5)$50.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$95.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 15)$140.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 20)$185.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 5)$45.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$85.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 15)$125.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 20)$165.00


Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 10)$175.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 15)$260.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 20)$345.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 10)$205.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 15)$305.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 20)$405.00


Smart Fit Salad (Serves 5)$48.00
Cosi Signature Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Cosi Cobb Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Greek Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Shanghai Chicken Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Adobo Lime Chicken Salad (Serves 5)$48.00
Mixed Greens Salad (Serves 5)$38.00
Caesar Salad (Serves 5)$38.00


Adobo Chicken with Avocado (Serves 5)$45.00
Brazilian Steak Bowl (Serves 5)$47.00
Caribbean Chicken & Spaghetti Squash (Serves 5)$45.00
Thai Curry Bowl with Chicken (Serves 5)$45.00
Thai Curry Bowl with Tofu (Serves 5)$45.00


Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$30.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$45.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$55.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$35.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$50.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$60.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$40.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$60.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$75.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 10)$100.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 15)$150.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 20)$200.00
Egg Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$50.00
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl (Serves 10)$35.00
Cosi Parfait Bar (Serves 10)$45.00
Cosi Oatmeal Bar (Serves 10)$40.00
Cream Cheese 8oz.$2.50

Flatbread Pizzas

Margherita (Serves 5)$30.00
Chicken Margherita (Serves 5)$35.00
Pepperoni (Serves 5)$30.00


Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 10)$50.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 15)$75.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 20)$100.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 10)$60.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 15)$90.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 20)$120.00
Antipasto Platter (Serves 10)$65.00
Antipasto Platter (Serves 15)$97.50
Antipasto Platter (Serves 20)$130.00
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 15)$67.50
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 20)$90.00


Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and etc.)$2.29
Coffee or Hot Tea Service (Serves 10)$14.99
Cosi Lemonade (Serves 10)$14.99
Cosi Iced Tea (Serves 10)$14.99
Orange Juice (Serves 10)$14.99
Mojito Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Mojito Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Iced Tea (Serves 10)$17.99
Country Club (Serves 10)$14.99
Blueberry Agave Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Hot Apple Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Hot Caramel Apple Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Hot Apple Chai Cider (Serves 10)$23.99


Cosi Soup Box (Tomato Basil)$30.00
Cosi Soup Box (Chicken Noodle)$30.00
Soup Of The Day$30.00
Cosi Soup Box (Turkey Chili)$30.00
Cosi Bread Box (Serves 10)$10,00
Cosi Corners with Spreads (Serves 10)$20.00
Cosi Harvest Mix (Serves 10)$25.00
Macaroni & Cheese (Serves 10)$33.00


Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Dessert Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Dessert Platter (Serves 15)$67.50
Dessert Platter (Serves 20)$90.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 10)$50.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 15)$75.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 20)$100.00

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After training as an apprentice and learning everything about the authentic flatbread in a small bakery in Rome, Italy, native New Zealander Drew Harre opened a small bistro named Cosi in Paris, France in 1989. His small restaurant became a favorite lunch place among Parisians because of his menu offerings that includes fresh sandwiches that are made with authentic flatbread and other fresh ingredients. Shep and Jay Wainwright brought this exceptional Mediterranean restaurant in the United States in 1996. Their first restaurant in New York City was proven to be an instant hit among Americans. Since then, the brand has been expanding not only in Europe and in all coasts of America and other parts of the world as well. While it is evident that they have reached great heights in their venture, their commitment to serve their customers with the perfect flatbread sandwich remains intact.  

What They’re Famous For

While it is true that Cosi is famous for their flatbread sandwiches, they are also offering some of the best Italian and American inspired dishes that are also worthy of their popularity. Here are some of their catering menu items:

  • Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket – an assortment of their classic sandwiches that includes buffalo bleu, hummus and veggies, turkey light, turkey and brie and pesto chicken served on freshly baked flatbread. Comes with your choice of kettle-cooked chips of fresh baby carrots.
  • Asian Salmon Salad Platter – wild Alaskan salmon with fresh edamame, pineapple, carrots, scallion, cucumbers, red peppers, cilantro, fresh mixed greens, sesame brittle and chili lime vinaigrette.

Why eat at Cosi

Cosi offers fresh and delicious meals offered at an affordable price. Their catering meal options will surely provide you with a much broader choices for you next event. Whether you want to serve some light snacks or full meals, they will surely provide you with great meal offerings to satisfy your guests.

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