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Eat Pancakes, Pizza and Ice Cream, Stay on Course

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Pancakes, pizzas and ice cream aren’t exactly the kinds of food found on weight loss diets because of their high calorie content. But this is such a shame because these are among the most delicious and indulgent treats, cheat day or not.

Fortunately, there’s really little need to skip these indulgent treats even when you’re on a weight loss or a bodybuilding plan. The trick lies in satisfying your cravings without bingeing on these foods – and it’s easy, too, when you don’t pressure yourself too much. Here are a few tricks to know.

Piece of Pancake

Many restaurants with pancakes and crepes as the core of the menu offer healthier versions of their food, a fact that makes them popular for catered corporate breakfast meetings. Just don’t get a full stack of pancakes when you can satisfy your hunger with a single piece. You will obviously get more calories with each pancake so you’re not exactly staying on your diet plan.  

You should also avoid placing one too many and too much toppings on your pancake. Your worst choices are the maple and chocolate syrups, jams and marmalades, and powdered sugar. Your best choices are sliced fresh fruits, which should satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the sugar (i.e., empty carbs).  

And stick to the plain pancakes with the classic batter. While pancakes with chocolate chips, berries, and flavorings are delicious, these are filled with unwanted calories.  This is also true for the butter, whipped cream, and dressing so just skip them.  

Slice of Pizza

Not too many people can resist the allure of pizza. You don’t need to resist it either because you can enjoy a slice of pizza without the guilt. You can savor each bite instead of wolfing down the entire slice in two bites.  

Other tips for eating pizza while staying on course:

  • Order the thin crust and/or the crust made with whole wheat grains.
  • Go for the vegetarian pizzas. Skip the processed meats, such as pepperoni and salami, and choose the chicken, turkey, and ground beef but limit its amount, too.
  • Limit the cheese to about a tablespoon or choose ricotta and Parmesan cheese instead of mozzarella.  

Small Cup of Ice Cream

Who says you have to deprive yourself of the delicious Baskin-Robbins ice cream during your family’s catered event? You can enjoy a small cup of ice cream for your dessert and enjoy life! You must remember, however, not to place unhealthy toppings on it since you’re adding more calories; fresh fruits are best.  

Just remember, too, that you shouldn’t indulge in pancakes, pizzas and ice cream on a daily basis. Think of them as a treat during your cheat day or as a treat for your achievements. You’re less likely to be tempted into indulging with such a mindset.

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