Einstein Bagels Catering Prices

Einstein Bros. Bagels is an American bagel and coffee shops chain specializing in freshly baked bagel sandwiches. They are considered to be the number one chain of retail bagel stores in the world. Their menu features a selection of all-day breakfast items, lunch meals, assorted pastries, yogurt parfaits and fruit salads. Einstein Bros. Bagels catering is a great choice for all types of occasions specially for corporate events and business meetings. Catering orders may be placed online, through phone or in their local stores near you and are available for pick up or delivery. They currently have more than 400 locations across the United States.

Here’s a list of Einstein Bros. Bagels catering prices:


Einstein Bagels Catering Menu

Bagels & Shmear

Bagels & Shmear Baker's Dozen (Serves up to 13)$14.99
Bagels & Shmear Baker's Dozen (Serves up to 13) With Gourmet Bagels$23.99
Bagels & Shmear Nosh Box (Serves up to 24)$29.99
Bagels & Shmear Nosh Box (Serves up to 24) With Gourmet Bagels$38.99

Sweets & Snacks

Seasonal Fresh Fruits Salad (Large - serves up to 20)$49.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruits Salad (Small - serves up to 8)$18.99
Vanilla Yogurt Granola Parfait (Serves up to 10)$29.99
Yogurt Parfait Packs$17.99
Sweets Nosh Box (Baker's Dozen)$28.99
Sweets Nosh Box (Half Dozen)$14.99
Bagel Poppers Snack Pack (48 Cinnamon Sugar Poppers)$9.99

Egg Sandwiches

Classic Egg Sandwich Nosh Box (Half Dozen)$32.99
Classic Egg Sandwich Nosh Box (Dozen)$63.99
Signature Egg Sandwich Nosh Box (Half Dozen)$32.99
Signature Egg Sandwich Nosh Box (Dozen)$63.99
Thintastic Egg Whites Sandwich Nosh Box (Half Dozen)$32.99
Thintastic Egg Whites Sandwich Nosh Box (Dozen)$63.99

Breakfast Favorites

Breakfast For The Group (Serves up to 20)$119.99
Traditional Nova Lox's Salmon Platter (Serves up to 13)$74.99
Mixed Bagels & Sweet Nosh Box (Serves up to 21)$39.99

Individual Breakfast Boxes

Bagel & Shmer Breakfast Box$6.99
Power Protein Breakfast Box$6.99
Pasty Breakfast Box$6.99

Lunch Sandwiches

Signature Lunch Nosh Box (10 Full Sandwiches)$70.99
Signature Lunch Nosh Box (5 Full Sandwiches)$35.99
Classic Lunch Nosh Box (10 Full Sandwiches)$69.99
Classic Lunch Nosh Box (5 Full Sandwiches)$34.99
Lunch For The Group (Serves 10-12)$175.99

Lunch Boxes

Turkey & Cheddar$8.99
Harvest Chicken Salad$8.99
Ham & Swiss$8.99
Albacore Tuna Salad$8.99
Tasty Turkey$8.99
Hummus Veg Out$8.99
Green Chile Club$8.99
Thintastic Chicken Pesto$8.99
Nova Lox$9.49

Fresh Salads

Strawberry Chicken Salad (Single)$8.99
Strawberry Chicken Salad (Group - Serves 6 to 8)$38.99
Strawberry Almond Salad (Single)$8.99
Strawberry Almond Salad (Group - Serves 6 to 8)$36.99

Cookies & Brownies

Cookie Variety Box (Half Dozen)$9.99
Cookie Variety Box (Dozen)$17.99
Mini Cookie Variety Box$9.99
Sweets & Coffee Break (Large - Serves up to 20)$55.99
Sweets & Coffee Break (Small - Serves up to 20)$33.99
Mixed Cookie & Brownie Box$20.99
Brownie Boxes (Half Dozen)$12.99
Brownie Boxes (Dozen)$20.99
Potato Salad (Serves up to 12)$23.99
Classic Potato Chips (10 Bags)$9.99
Classic Potato Chips (5 Bags)$4.99


Coffee for the Group (Neighborhood Blend)$15.99
Coffee for the Group (Neighborhood Decaf)$15.99
Coffee for the Group (Vanilla Hazelnut)$15.99
Coffee for the Group (Melvyn's Dark Roast)$15.99
Orange Juice For The Group (Serves up to 6)$9.99
Tea & Lemonade For The Group (Serves up to 6)$8.99
Hot Tea For The Group (Serves up to 10)$15.99
Bottled DrinksPrice Vary


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The first Einstein Bros. Bagels opened in Ogden, Utah in 1995. Their initial menu offerings include bagels that are baked fresh all day and coffee drinks. They immediately become a popular place for breakfast and lunch outs among the locals. Soon enough, they had to open new locations to cater to the growing demands of their patrons. Today with over two decades in the food business, they continually strive to be the chosen dining place where people can get freshly baked bagels and other bakery goods served in their comfortable and homey restaurant locations, served by people who know the value of genuine hospitality, all offered at a price easy on everybody’s pocket.

What They’re Famous For

Einstein Bros. Bagels is famous for their freshly baked bagel sandwiches that are all hand-crafted and made from fresh ingredients. Here are some of their catering menu offerings:

  • Salmon & Bagels – platter of fresh Nova Lox with 13 pieces of freshly baked bagels, capers, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, lemons and double-whipped cream cheese.
  • Lunch Sandwiches for the Group – assortment of their signature sandwiches which includes Nova Lox, Tasty Turkey, Turkey Bacon & Avocado, Turkey & Cheddar, Hummus Veg Out, Harvest Chicken Salad, Albacore Tuna Salad and Ham & Swiss, all wrapped and cut in half.
  • Hot Egg Sandwiches – an assortment of their classic and specialty egg sandwiches served on your choice of freshly baked bagel.

Why eat at Einstein Bros. Bagels

If you are looking for a fast casual restaurant that serves fresh snacks and other healthy fares to cater on your next event, Einstein Bros. Bagels is a great choice. With their wide selection of freshly baked bakery items and other meal offerings, you can be sure that you will be providing your guest with genuinely fresh, healthy and delicious meals.

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