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Five Cuisines around the World to Consider in Your Next Birthday Bash

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The world is filled with delightful global fares that offer a variety of flavors that will entice anyone’s taste buds. Explore some of the best cuisines around the world that you could certainly include in your birthday bash menu.

Malaysia’s Laksa

Everyone loves a dish that is a little hot, especially when it’s served in a bowl. In Malaysia, you surely get that with one of their known dishes. Laksa is a noodle dish that includes rice vermicelli, chicken, and fresh prawns served in a spicy curry coconut milk or a sour asam (tamarind). If you are looking for a meal that can satisfy your cravings for spicy soup, then this dish is for you. You can even include this in your birthday party menu.

Mexico’s Fajitas

If you are looking for something savory and authentic, Chuy’s fajitas are definitely one of the best choices to indulge in. Fajitas consist of grilled meat that are usually served as a taco on a corn or flour tortilla. Popular meats today include pork, chicken, lamb, salmon, and shrimp. Meat is normally cooked with bell peppers and onions. Common condiments are shredded lettuce and cheese, pico de gallo, refried beans, salsa, and diced tomatoes.

Spain’s Paella

Spain is one of the countries that incorporates their rich history and culture to their cuisine. Whatever ingredient you put in it, provided that it has rice as the primary ingredient, Spain’s paella can certainly fill you up. Aside from white rice, paella is normally consists of green beans, chicken or seafood, artichokes, red bell pepper, chorizo sausage, and seasoning such as rosemary and saffron.

Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice

It may seem like just chicken on top of white rice for some, but to many, Hainanese chicken rice is a great addition to any event menu. Hainanese chicken rice is a cuisine that consists of tender steamed white chicken served on fragrant rice with light soy sauce. The meal is usually topped with twigs of coriander leaf and some sesame oil, and goes with a garlic-chili dip.

Canada’s Poutine

Everyone loves fries, particularly when dipped into flavorful sauces. Poutine is a hearty dish of French fries, brown gravy, and fresh cheese curds. Poutine can be crazy delightful, drawing you to consume more than your real appetite would dictate.

These five dishes are just some of the best fares around the world today. With each of the cuisine showing off its unique tastes and flavor, they can surely create a good impression to your guests.

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