Freebirds Catering Prices

When you avail of the Freebirds catering services, you are freeing yourself from the stress of preparing and presenting burrito and related food items for your guests. Freebirds World Burrito is, after all, a leader in the burrito fast casual restaurant industry – it has more than 60 restaurants in Utah, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma while its headquarters are in Emeryville, California.

Here’s a list of Freebirds catering prices:


Freebirds Catering Menu


Hybrid (Steak)$7.99
Hybrid (Carnitas)$6.99
Hybrid (Ground Beef)$6.99
Hybrid (Chicken)$6.99
Hybrid (Veggie)$6.99
Hybrid (Tempeh)$6.99
Freebird (Steak)$7.99
Freebird (Carnitas)$7.99
Freebird (Ground Beef)$7.99
Freebird (Chicken)$6.99
Freebird (Veggie)$6.99
Freebird (Tempeh)$6.99
Monster (Steak)$9.99
Monster (Carnitas)$9.99
Monster (Ground Beef)$9.99
Monster (Chicken)$8.99
Monster (Veggie)$8.99
Monster (Tempeh)$8.99
Super Monster (Steak)$14.99
Super Monster (Carnitas)$13.99
Super Monster (Ground Beef)$13.99
Super Monster (Chicken)$13.99
Super Monster (Veggie)$13.99
Super Monster (Tempeh)$13.99


Quesadilla (Steak)$7.99
Quesadilla (Carnitas)$7.99
Quesadilla (Ground Beef)$7.99
Quesadilla (Chicken)$6.99
Quesadilla (Cheese)$6.99
Quesadilla (Veggie)$6.99
Quesadilla (Tempeh)$6.99


Taco (Steak)$2.99
Taco (Carnitas)$2.99
Taco (Ground Beef)$2.99
Taco (Chicken)$2.99
Taco (Veggie)$2.99
Taco (Tempeh)$2.99


Nachos (Steak)$7.99
Nachos (Carnitas)$7.99
Nachos (Ground Beef)$7.99
Nachos (Chicken)$6.99
Nachos (Tempeh)$6.99

Salads & Bowls

Freebirds Salad (Steak)$7.99
Freebirds Salad (Carnitas)$7.99
Freebirds Salad (Ground Beef)$7.99
Freebirds Salad (Chicken)$6.99
Freebirds Salad (Veggie)$6.99
Freebirds Salad (Tempeh)$6.99
Burrito Bowl (Steak)$7.99
Burrito Bowl (Carnitas)$7.99
Burrito Bowl (Ground Beef)$7.99
Burrito Bowl (Chicken)$6.99
Burrito Bowl (Veggie)$6.99
Burrito Bowl (Tempeh)$6.99


Lite Bowl (Chicken)$7.99
BBQ Classic Burrito$6.99
Spicy Chicken Burrito$7.99


Chips 'n Guacamole$3.99
Chips 'n Queso$3.99
Chips 'n Salsa$1.99

Drinks & Desserts

Fountain Drink$2.99
Honest Tea (Honey Green)$2.99
Honest Tea (Half & Half)$2.99
Fanta Orange$2.99
Mexican Coke$2.99
Smart Water$2.99
Vitamin Water (Lemonade)$2.99
Vitamin Water (Dragon Fruit)$2.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.99

Kids Menu

Kids Quesadilla (Steak)$3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Carnitas)$3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Ground Beef)$3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Chicken)$3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Rice/Bean)$3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Plain)$3.99
Kids Quesadilla (Tempeh)$3.99
Kids Burrito (Steak)$3.99
Kids Burrito (Carnitas)$3.99
Kids Burrito (Ground Beef)$3.99
Kids Burrito (Chicken)$3.99
Kids Burrito (Rice/Bean)$3.99
Kids Burrito (Tempeh)$3.99

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Mark Orfalea founded Freebirds World Burrito in Santa Barbara, California in 1987 with expansions into Texas in 1990 under his leadership. In 1994, Pierre Dube purchased control over the Texas operations and gradually added 18 more restaurants in the Lone Star State. Under the agreement, Orfalea remained as the owner of the original California restaurant as well as the right to use the Freebirds name in California.

In 2007, Tavistock Group, a private equity firm, bought the Texas Freebirds World Burrito chain, which was then based in College Station.

Why Choose It for Your Catering Needs

Many customers cite the budget-friendly Freebirds catering prices as one of the main reasons for their loyal patronage of the chain’s services. You will likely agree with them since the catering prices provide more value for the money in comparison with ordering the items in multiple orders in one of its restaurants. You are essentially benefiting from the reasonable discounts that come with bulk orders.

Yet another reason for choosing Freebirds for your catering needs is the opportunity to create a personalized full-service menu. You can:

  • Choose from several types of tortillas
  • Pick from two types of proteins, namely, cilantro lime rice and Spanish rice
  • Select from two beans
  • Add a wide range of shredded cheese; queso; shredded lettuce; diced tomatoes; pico de gallo; guacamole; sour cream; fresh jalapenos; roasted garlic; hold, mild and barbecue sauce; and sweetened and unsweetened iced tea

With the full-service package comes napkins, plates, and utensils as well as ice, sweeteners, and lemons. You may also request to add a new topping or swap another topping.  

You also have other choices including:

    • Build Your Own Burrito Bar, which comes with two tortilla flavors; a choice of rice, proteins, and beans; and several sides including chips, salsa, and pico de gallo, among others. Plates, utensils and napkins also included.
    • Party Planners, which has burrito halves filled to the brim with your choice of fillings.
    • Box Lunches, which allows for building your own box with a pick of steak, carnitas, chicken, roasted vegetables, burrito, salsa, chips, and dessert.
    • With such choices, who needs to be slaving over a stove preparing these delicious food when you can just order them from Freebirds?  

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