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Getting Ready for the Chinese New Year Celebrations

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The Chinese New Year marks the start of spring and, as such, inspires festive celebrations among family, friends and community from China to other countries with Chinese populations. While it falls on different dates on the Gregorian calendar, it’s celebrated on the first day of the lunar New Year – and in 2018, it falls on February 16, the Year of the Dog.  

But even if you don’t have a Chinese heritage, you can celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family and friends. Think of it as another reason to enjoy good times in good company and share the good life! Here are tips that can get you started.  

Red and Gold Are the Colors of Celebration

According to Chinese traditions, red and gold are colors of good luck – and it’s definitely one that you want to invite into your life. Red represents vibrant energy while gold signifies happiness and wealth, and it’s always great to have these things in your life.  

Start your planning by choosing red and gold decorative items including:

  • Red paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling of your patio or deck, perhaps even in one of the trees in your yard, will add to the festive atmosphere. Add fairy lights for more visual effect; even the ones from your Christmas tree will do.
  • Place a red tablecloth on your main dining room table. Use gold-colored napkins and napkin holders, gold-accented plates, and other golden accents. Place a dragon figurine or bouquet of rose and cymbidium orchids as a centerpiece; these two flowers are considered as the lucky flowers for 2018.  

If red and gold aren’t up your alley, then you can play with the lucky colors of the year – red, green and purple.  

Oranges and Tangerines Bring Luck

These citrus fruits are considered lucky in Chinese traditions because these symbolize wealth, luck and happiness. There are two ways that you can use these fruits in your celebrations: first, make them part of your decoration, such as putting several oranges and tangerines in a bowl for centerpiece purposes; or give them to your guests as party favors.  

Don’t forget the food that you and your guests will enjoy while watching the dragon dance and fireworks, among other activities.  You can order seven courses from Pei Wei for sharing among your family and friends.  

The best food choices include noodles, a sign of longevity; whole fish to signify auspicious beginnings and endings; and Chinese dumplings to invite wealth into your life. You may also include your favorite non-Chinese food just to add variety and to provide your guests with choices.  

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