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Ideas for Parties Employees Actually Want to Attend

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Office parties can swing either way – awesome or awful. The line between the two can be fine, too, because what may be awesome for some people can be awful for others. But this shouldn’t deter the office party planner from gathering ideas for awesome company parties and here are a few of them.

We want to emphasize, however, that you have to consider your company culture in deciding which ones are the right fit and which ones aren’t. You should also consider the budget, venue and event since these factors will influence where, when and how gatherings can be planned well.  

Provide a Photo Booth

Even in the age of smartphone cameras and app combined with social media, many people don’t have their professional photos taken. The Christmas office party with its formal dress code is a fantastic opportunity for it!

Set up a photo booth but instead of letting amateurs take their photos from their smartphones and cameras, ask a professional to do the job. The employees will definitely appreciate the professional quality of their photos, not to mention that they appear in their finest wear. Give them free prints, too.  

Allow a Plus One

Many, if not most, employees have spouses or significant others that they want to bring to the company’s fancy dress event but can’t because it isn’t allowed. Change things up and let each employee bring a plus one.

The overall costs will increase because of the added guests but when the benefits are considered, the extra expense is well worth it. The more people in a party, the merrier it will likely be, not to mention that it reinforces the idea that the company cares for its people outside of work.

This also applies to casual catered events, such as company picnic catered by Cracker Barrel.  Many companies even sponsor family day for their employees.  

Provide Entertainment Along with Nourishment

Human beings are social animals whose celebrations are characterized by an abundance of food and drinks – and it applies to company events, too. Be careful about making calculations regarding the quality and quantity of food and drinks that employees will appreciate. Your caterer is usually the best person for it so be ready with your guest list.  

But don’t make the food and drinks the be-all and end-all of the event. You should also include entertainment and fun activities so that the employees and their guests will truly enjoy the party. You don’t even have to hire professional entertainers as the company likely has its own pool of talent.

Most important, allow the employees to actually enjoy the party even if it means suspending work for the day.  

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