In-N-Out Catering Prices

In-N-Out Burger is an American chain of fast food restaurants specializing in old-fashioned hamburgers. Their menu is pretty basic and comprises of a few selection of 100% pure beef hamburgers, fresh hand-cut French fries and ice cream shakes. They take pride in the quality of the food they are offering and considered it as the most important ingredient to their success. In-N-Out catering features cookout trailers that are perfect for corporate picnics, parties and other special occasions. Cookout trailers are self-contained units that let’s you enjoy all the goodness of their restaurant menu on your own party. Since their concept is extremely popular, they advise customers to book at least four months in advance. While the cookout trailers are available only in some states, all their restaurant location accepts bulk orders. They currently have more than 300 locations across the United States.

Here’s a list of In-N-Out Burger catering prices:


In-N-Out Catering Menu

Cookout Trailer Prices

To reserve a date, we must have a signed contract and a $500 deposit.
Grilled Cheese$4.20
20oz. Fountain Drinks$1.99
The minimum charge to bring a unit out is $1,500 or 75% of your estimated order (based on our cheeseburger price) whichever is higher, and entitles you to 1.5 hours of serving time. Additional time may incur an overtime charge of $100 per half hour.

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Harry Snyder opened the first In-N-Out Burger at the Baldwin Park in Los Angeles, California in 1948. It is the first drive-thru hamburgers stand in California, which allowed drivers to order food through their two-way speaker system. Although the company’s concept is unique at the time, they maintained a slow steady pace of expansion, running the business by only the Snyder family to maintain the consistency of high quality food they offer. Today, with nearly seven decades in the food business, they remained commitment to serve their customers with the highest quality of food possible served with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment, all offered at an affordable price.

What They’re Famous For

In-N-Out Burger is famous for their classic American hamburgers that are made with fresh local ingredients. All their burgers are served with 100% all-beef patties that are free of additives, fillers and preservatives. All their premium buns are baked with old-fashioned slow rising sponge dough and they use only the freshest vegetables available. Their French fries are all freshly hand-cut in-store and fried in 100% pure vegetable oil. These are the things that set them apart from other burger chains. They may be considered a fast food, but that make their food in traditional methods.

Why eat at In-N-Out

Whether you are thinking to have their cookout trailer or you just want to order from their local store, In-N-Out catering will surely provide your guests with exceptionally delicious and fresh meals that will surely make your party a memorable one.

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