Jimmy John’s Catering Prices

Jimmy John’s is an American fast food restaurant chain specializing in gourmet sandwiches. Their menu features a selection of plain slim sandwiches, submarine sandwiches, giant club sandwiches and side dishes. Jimmy John’s catering offers a number of packaged meals, lunch boxes and platters options suitable for any kind of event. They usually require at least a day notice before the day of the event, but most of the times they also accommodate bulk orders on pressed times. You can place your catering orders through phone, online or in their local stores near you. They currently have more than 2,000 locations across the United States.

Here’s a list of Jimmy John’s catering prices:


Jimmy John’s Catering Menu

Mini Jimmys

12 Pack (6 Sandwiches)$30.00
24 Pack (12 Sandwiches)$59.00

Party Platters

15 Piece (5 Sandwiches)$23.36
30 Piece (10 Sandwiches)$43.05

Box Lunches

Pepe (Minimum of 4)$7.95
Big John (Minimum of 4)$7.95
Totally Tuna (Minimum of 4)$7.95

Cookies, Chips & Pickles

Real Potato Chips$1.25
BBQ Jimmy Chips$1.25
Jalapeno Chips$1.25
Thinny Jimmy Chips$1.25
Regular Jimmy Chips$1.25
Salt & Vinegar Chips$1.25
6 Pack of Cookies (Chocolate Chunk)$10.00
6 Pack of Cookies (Oatmeal Raisin)$10.00
6 Pack of Cookies (3 of each)$10.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Buckets (Bucket)$4.67


Coke (Can)$1.17
Diet Coke$1.17
Sprite (Can)$1.17
Sprite Large Fountain$1.75
Sprite Regular Fountain$1.50
Coke Large Fountain$1.75
Coke Regular Fountain$1.50
Diet Coke Large Fountain$1.75
Diet Coke Regular Fountain$1.50
Dr Pepper Large Fountain$1.75
Dr Pepper Regular Fountain$1.50
Lemonade Large Fountain$1.75
Lemonade Regular Fountain$1.50
Iced Tea - Unsweet Large Fountain$1.75
Iced Tea - Unsweet Regular Fountain$1.50
Iced Tea - Sweet Large Fountain$1.75
Iced Tea - Sweet Regular Fountain$1.50
Cherry Coke Large Fountain$1.75
Cherry Coke Regular Fountain$1.50
Dasani Bottled Water$1.25
Root Beer Large Fountain$1.75
Root Beer Regular Fountain$1.50


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James John Liautaud opened the first Jimmy John’s in a converted old garage in Charleston, Illinois in 1983. Using the money his father had loaned him, he started his business venture by opening a hotdog stand. He then realized that with the kind of business he settled on, it would take him several years before he will be able to pay his father. He decided to open another business, this time a sandwich shop. To his surprise, his original recipes immediately attracted customers to his small shop and soon he had to open new bigger locations to cater the demands of his ever-growing patrons. With over three decades in the food business, the company remains committed in serving their guests with made from scratch food, made with excellent ingredients, served fast and offered at a price easy on everybody’s pocket.

What They’re Famous For

Jimmy John’s is famous for their fresh gourmet sandwiches that are all made from scratch and made using the highest quality of ingredients available. Here are some of their catering menu items you should try on your next event:

  • Mini Jimmy – a box with an assortment of individually packed half sandwiches, which includes Gourmet Smoked Ham Club, Billy Club, Italian Night Club, Hunter’s Club, Country Club, Beach Club, Gourmet Veggie Club, Bootleggers Club, Club Tuna, Club Lulu and Ultimate Porker.
  • Individual Lunch Boxes – your choice of any slim, sub or club sandwich, served with bag of chips, giant cookie and pickle spear. Comes in an easy to carry box.

Why eat at Jimmy John’s

If you are looking for a fast food restaurant that offers fresh gourmet sandwiches, Jimmy John’s is a great choice. With their wide selection of made from scratch sandwiches, you can be sure not your are not only serving your guests with filling snacks, but with healthy ones too.

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