Kroger Catering Prices

When you hear Koger, you can simply think of the country’ largest supermarket chain, as it has been around since 1883. The Kroger family has developed into several in-house brands, marketplace stores, restaurant chains, and even manufacturing plants. Kroger’s Deli & Bakery has all that you need if you are looking for quality food. You have the option to order online for convenience if you can’t visit the nearest location. Its menu includes a wide selection of party platters for your party needs.

Here’s a list of Kroger catering prices:


Kroger Catering Menu


Antipasto & Olive Platter$34.99
Bruschetta, Hummus, & Tapenade Platter$29.99
Deviled Eggs Platter$12.99
Fiesta Dip Platter$19.99
Spinach Dip Platter$14.99
Pretzel Sticks & Party Dip$9.99


Assorted Bagel Platter$12.99
Breakfast Breads Platter$16.99
Breakfast Croissants Sandwiches Platter$19.99
Mini Danish Platter$14.99
Fruit & Granola Platter$19.99
Sweet Loaf Cake & Strawberries Platter$24.99
Mini Muffin Platter$14.99
Donut Hole Platter$6.99
Strudel Bites Platter$6.99
Doughssant Platter$10.99
Italian Pastry Platter$12.99
Signature Muffin Platter$14.99
Butter Croissants Platter$8.99

Deli Meat and Cheese

Cubed Meats and Cheese Platter$32.99
Condiments Platter$19.99
Assorted Rolls Platter$8.99
Butter Croissants Platter$8.99
Deli Meat & Cheese Platter Medium (serves 12-16)$29.99
Deli Meat & Cheese Platter Large (serves 16-20)$36.99
Italian Meats Platter$34.99
Specialty Cheese & Fruit Platter$36.99
Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Sweet Slice Ham - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Chicken Quartet - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Chicken Quartet - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Spicy & Savory - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Spicy & Savory - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Crowd Pleaser - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Crowd Pleaser - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Lighter Fare - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Lighter Fare - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Italian Antipasto - 14" Medium Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Classic cheese - 14" Medium Platter$29.99
Boar's Head International cheese - 14" Medium Platter$69.99


Iced Brownie Platter$19.99
Mini Cookie Platter$9.99
Soft Top Cookie Platter$7.99
Private Selection Gourmet Cookies Platter$12.99
Pudding Cake Platters 12 Count (serves 6-8)$14.99
Pudding Cake Platters 30 Count (serves 25-30)$24.99
Signature Cheesecake Platter$24.99
Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert Platters 12 Count (serves 6-8)$19.99
Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert Platters 30 Count (serves 25-30)$39.99


Kid's Fruit Platter$19.99
PB & J Platter$12.99
S'mores Platter$12.99
Dirt & Worms Kit Platter$19.99
Mini Cookie Platter$9.99

Salads, Fruits and Veggies

Mozzarella Tomato$14.99
Carrot & Celery - Small$12.99
Caesar Salad$14.99
Fresh Fruit Platter with Yogurt Dip$29.99
Fresh Vegetable Platter$26.99
Spring Salad$14.99


Assorted Wrap Platter$29.99
Pita Pocket Platter$24.99
Pretzel Ham & Cheese Sliders$29.99
Mini Croissant Sandwiches$22.99
Sandwich Wedges$26.99
Assorted Sandwich Platter$29.99
Tea Sandwiches$24.99
Individual Boxed Lunch$6.99
Boar's Head Assorted Wraps - 14" Medium$39.99

Party Subs

2ft. Sub$24.00
4ft. Sub$44.00
6ft. Sub$59.99

Small Platters

Small Platter - Turkey Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99
Small Platter - Cubed Cheese$14.99
Small Platter - Breaded Bone-In Wings$17.99
Small Platter - Breaded Boneless Wings$17.99
Small Platter - Fresh Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders$17.99
Small Platter - Combo Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99
Small Platter - Ham Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99
Small Platter - Cubed Meat & Cheese$14.99
Small Platter - Roasted Bone-In Wings$17.99
Small Platter - Vegetables & Ranch Dip$14.99
Small Platter - Meat & Cheese$14.99

Wings and Things

Breaded Boneless Wing Party Pan$24.99
Baby Back Ribs Party Pan$24.99
Roasted Bone-In Wings Party Pan Hot$24.99
Breaded Bone-In Wing Party Pan$24.99
Unbreaded Boneless Wing Party Pan$24.99
Fresh Hand Breaded Tenders Party Pan$24.99


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Kroger was founded in 1883 in Ohio by Barney Kroger, so it has been a veteran in the food industry, considered one of the oldest and long-time running grocery store chains in the US. To date, expansion and buying out other grocery stores still continues, making it one of the of largest and highly regarded companies in the country.

What They’re Famous For

One of the most popular items in the Kroger menu list is their chicken. They take cooking chicken seriously because it is one of the most popular dishes in a buffet. Their chicken is fresh, juicy and reasonably priced. There is a good variety of chicken platter deals and price depends on the variety you choose.

Why Eat at Kroger

Kroger is the ultimate answer to your party needs with its buffet menu and party platters. With its presence in 35 states, you can easily rely on them for hassle-free catering services.

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