Pei Wei Catering Prices

Pei Wei is an American chain of fast casual restaurants specializing in Chinese and Asian cuisines. All their menu offerings are cook to order and most of their dishes are customizable. Their menu features a selection of wok classics, noodles and rice bowls, lettuce wraps, salad entrées, sushi and Asian inspired side dishes. Like most Chinese restaurants, all their locations have coffee bars and counter service where customers place their orders. Pei Wei catering offers an array of party packages that centers on their wok classics and other Asian favorites perfect for any kind of special event.

Like most restaurants that offer catering services, they usually require their customers to place their order a day in advance, although most of the times they still cater bulk orders even on pressed time. You may place your catering orders through their website, their hotline or in their local stores near you. They currently have more than 200 locations across United States, mostly in Northeast and Midwest regions.

Here’s a list of Pei Wei catering prices:


Pei Wei Catering Menu


Party Menu Kung Pao Roll (32 Pc.)$31.99
Party Menu Mango California Roll (32 Pc.)$23.99
Party Menu Spicy Tuna Roll (32 Pc.)$27.99
Party Menu Combo (32 Pc.)$25.99
Party Menu Teriyaki Crunch (32 Pc.)$23.99
Party Menu Wasabi Crunch Roll (32 Pc.)$27.99
Party Menu Sushi Crunch Combo (32 Pc.)$25.99
Party Menu Side Salad$9.99

Lettuce Wraps

Party Menu Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps$35.99
Party Menu Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps$35.99

Entree Salads

Party Menu Wok Classic Salad$20.99
Party Menu Asian Chopped Chicken Salad$20.99
Party Menu Side Salad$9.99


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The first Pei Wei opened in Scottsdale, California in 2000. Founded by P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, the chain was originally designed as a lower end of their already thriving brand. Initially, their food offerings were mostly from P.F. Chang’s menu, but as the brand grow on its own, they added new menu items that are considered to be their original creations. Because of their fresh and delicious Asian inspired meals combined with genuine hospitality and upscale restaurant locations, they immediately become a gastronomical hot spot. Soon enough, they opened new locations after locations to cater to the demands of their growing number of patrons. With nearly two decades in the food business, the company has become one of the nation’s favorite Chinese restaurants. With numerous awards and recognitions earned, they assure their customers that they will continue innovating their menu and service in order to keep up with new trends. Their commitment to their founding value which is provide their guests with affordable great meals will stay true for many years to come.

Why Choose Pei Wei for Your Catering Needs

Nothing is more festive than Chinese party food and if you are looking for a Chinese restaurant to cater on your upcoming event, Pei Wei is really a great choice. With their wide selection of delectable and fresh Asian inspired meals, you can be sure that all your guests will have a satisfying meal.

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