Pita Pit Catering Prices

The Pita Pit catering services are popular among meat lovers and vegetarians alike because of the personalized pita sandwiches. The chain of restaurants maintains two headquarters in North America – in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in the United States and in Kingston, Ontario in Canada.

Here’s a list of Pita Pit catering prices:


Pita Pit Catering Menu

Pita Platters For Any Occasion (serves 10)

Pete's Signature Platter$8.00/person
Meat Lover's Platter$8.00/person
Classic Mixed Platter$7.50/person
Deli Platter$8.00/person
Veggie Lover's Platter$6.50/person

We Offer More Thank Just Pitas: (serves 10)

Salad Trays$3.50/person
Chips Or Cookies$1.50/person
Pop (cans)$1.49/person
Pop (bottles)$2.29/person


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Nelson Lang and John Sotiriadis opened the first Pita Pit restaurant in Kingston, Ontario near Queen’s University in 1995. By 1997, the company began expanding its operations in Canada followed by the first franchises granted in the United States in 1999.

Presently, the Pita Pit chain boasts of more than 500 restaurants in 11 countries including the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Why Choose It for Your Catering Needs

The Pita Pit catering prices are relatively affordable considering that each package consists of delicious, flavorful and filling food and drinks for which the chain is known for. You can choose from its themed platters and salads or you can build your own menu from the base food items.

You and your guests will basically enjoy the typical Pita Pit in-store dining experience but in other settings, such as in your office, home, or neighborhood park. Your guests will live making their own sandwiches from the main ingredients, such as Philly cheesesteak, chicken souvlaki, and falafel, and followed by a selection of cheeses. You can also offer a salad bar as well as several sauces and spreads.

Your choices in the platters include:  

  • Chicken crave with lean seasoned chicken and ham
  • Chicken Caesar with lean seasoned chicken, parmesan cheese, and bacon
  • Buffalo chicken with spicy seasoned coating, banana peppers, and fresh vegetables
  • Spicy Thai chicken with lean seasoned chicken, spinach, and spicy sauce
  • Philly steak with shaved beef steak, fresh veggies, and chipotle sauce

Each platter already comes with 10 pieces of pita, which have been cut in half for your convenience.

Other items on the menu include the following:

  • Super Salad Trays with choices like Caesar Salad, Greek Salad, and Garden Salad. Each order is sufficient for 5 meals or 10 side salads.
  • Extras including assorted drinks in cans and bottles (e.g., Coke, Sprite, and Canada Dry), chips (e.g., Lay’s Classic potato chips), and cookies (e.g., peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and double chocolate)

When ordering for your catering needs, you can just call or visit the nearest Pita Pit restaurant as well as place your orders via its official website. You should be ready with relevant information, such as your full name, your preferred date, time and place of delivery, and your orders (i.e., food items and amounts), to facilitate the smooth transaction.

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