Pollo Tropical Catering Prices

A great party or gathering can be made even better with the presence of delicious and well-prepared food. Great food can make your guests feel happier, creating a more fun and light atmosphere, so it is important to make the best food choices especially when you’re opting for a catering service, and you have little time to prepare.

The great thing about many restaurants these days is that most of them are now offering catering services no matter what kind of gathering you will be having. If you’re looking for food that will go with a certain theme or vibe, there is no need to worry since many themed restaurants are now making their services available to big groups. Say you’re having a Caribbean-inspired luau; the best route to go in terms of the food department is to choose dishes that can imbibe Caribbean flavors reminiscent of the tropics and the summer. Pollo Tropical catering is a great choice for these kinds of special gatherings, and with affordable Pollo Tropical catering prices, you are sure to get the best deals for your one-of-a-kind Caribbean fiesta.

Here’s a list of Pollo Tropical catering prices:


Pollo Tropical Catering Menu

Catering Entree Only

Whole Chicken (Minimum 7)$9.94
Roast Pork (4lbs)$38.00
Caribbean Ribs (Minimum 6)$9.00

Catering Party Platters

25 Grilled Tropical Wings$19.00
50 Grilled Tropical Wings$35.00
20 Island Wraps$63.00
20 Sandwich Platter$65.00

Catering Sides (Small feeds 15 and Medium feeds 25 people)

White Rice (Small)$10.00
White Rice (Medium)$16.00
Brown Rice (Small)$11.00
Brown Rice (Medium)$16.00
Yellow Rice (Small)$14.00
Yellow Rice (Medium)$24.00
Black Beans (Small)$13.00
Black Beans (Medium)$20.00
Kernel Corn (Small)$19.00
Kernel Corn (Medium)$28.00
Mashed Potato & Gravy (Small)$25.00
Mashed Potato & Gravy (Medium)$37.00
Mac & Cheese (Small)$25.00
Mac & Cheese (Medium)$37.00
Balsamic Tomato (Small)$21.00
Balsamic Tomato (Medium)$32.00
Sweet Plantains (Small)$24.00
Sweet Plantains (Medium)$36.00
Caesar Salad (Small)$22.00
Caesar Salad (Medium)$33.00
House Salad (Small)$22.00
House Salad (Medium)$33.00
Boiled Yuca (Small)$19.00
Boiled Yuca (Medium)$27.00
Caribbean Corn Souffle (Small)$24.00
Caribbean Corn Souffle (Medium)$35.00
Green Beans (Small)$21.00
Green Beans (Medium)$28.00
Bread Rolls By The Dozen$2.50
Bottle Of Hot Sauce$1.99

Catering Sauces

BBQ Sauce$0.00
Garlic Cilantro Sauce$0.00
Curry Mustard Sauce$0.00
Guava BBQ Sauce$0.00
Pineapple Rum Sauce$0.00
Fresh Salsa Sauce$0.00
Spicy Poyo Sauce$0.00

Catering Desserts

Guava Cheesecake (8)$16.00
Guava Bars (15)$15.00

Catering Drinks

Gallon Sweet Tea$4.99
Gallon Tea Unsweetened$4.99
Gallon Mango Sweet$4.99
Gallon Lemonade$4.99
Gallon Fruit Punch$4.99
Gallon Lemonade$4.99
Gallon Fruit Punch$4.99
Gallon Powerade$4.99


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Company Overview

Pollo Tropical is a restaurant chain that specializes in Carribean cuisine, and they are best known for their grilled marinated chicken. They are also popular for their black beans and rice sides, as well as their exotic marinated lengua dish and their selection of Latin colas. At the moment, their headquarters can be found in Kendall, Florida, while they currently have over 160 locations in the United States, specifically in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. Just last June 2015, they opened a few more locations in Florida, Texas, and Georgia, and are targeting to re-design their restaurants by 2018.


What started out in 1988 as a desire to create a simple homemade recipe for marinated grilled chicken opened doors for this exceptional and innovative restaurant, highlighting the unique flavors of Caribbean cuisine. That simple recipe breakthrough in Miami, Florida has paved the way for the first Pollo Tropical restaurant, giving birth to favorites like their slow-roasted mojo pork and their famous “create-your-own” TropiChops.
Now under the Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc. they are continuously making waves all over the United States and various parts of the world, providing fresh and delicious Caribbean food, and giving customers an overall laid-back and fun dining experience.

Why Choose Pollo Tropical for Your Catering Needs

Pollo Tropical is a great place to find the not-so-usual flavors we usually taste in regular fastfood restaurants. If you want a truly unique and hassle-free catering experience, Pollo Tropical provides quick and affordable service, especially with their pre-set menus for groups of 15 or more guests. This kind of hassle-free service lessens your stress and allows you to spend more time in planning your upcoming gathering more efficiently.

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