Popeyes Catering Prices

Getting a party or event ready can be pretty challenging, especially when you are under time pressure and you have little time to iron out the details. In cases like this, especially when there is immediate need for food that’s enough to satisfy the hunger of a big group, it can be nerve-wracking to look for a place that will cater food for your event in a snap. Good thing, there are many fast casual restaurants now making catering services available to their customers

Even if you’re planning food for an impromptu meeting or gathering, and your guests are craving for simple fast food or they’re requesting for more specific dishes like Southern comfort food, there’s no need to fret because there are so many available restaurants to choose from, one of which is Popeye’s.

Here’s a list of Popeye’s catering prices:


Popeyes Catering Menu

Serves 20

50 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 1 Party Side, 2 Dozen Biscuits (24 biscuits)

Serves 30

75 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 2 Party Side, 3 Dozen Biscuits (36 biscuits)$159.00

Serves 50

100 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 3 Party Side, 4 Dozen Biscuits (48 biscuits)$249.00

Serves 75

150 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 4 Party Side, 6 Dozen Biscuits (72 biscuits)$349.00

Serves 100

200 Pc Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders, 6 Party Side, 8 Dozen Biscuits (96 biscuits)$489.00

Mixed Chicken or Handcrafted Tenders

50 Pieces (Spicy or Mild)$69.99
75 Pieces (Spicy or Mild)$99.99
100 Pieces (Spicy or Mild)$134.99


1/2 Dozen (6)$3.79

Party Sides

Mashed Potatoes w/ Cajun Gravy, Red Beans & Rice, Cajun Rice, Cole Slaw, Cajun Fries, Green Beans, Corn on the Cob, Onion Rings$25.99


Gallon Drinks$3.99
Half Gallon$2.49


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Company Overview

Popeye’s, also known as Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, is a popular American fast food chain that is best known for their Southern style fried chicken and biscuits. In 2007, they became the second largest restaurant group known for quick-service chicken, having more than 2500 restaurants all over the United States and some parts of the world such as Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and so many others. Majority of these locations are franchised, attesting to the popularity and success of this simple yet great-tasting fried chicken. As of 2014, the Popeye’s food chain still has more than 2000 active restaurants all over the world.


Contrary to what some people think, the restaurant’s name was based on the fictional character Popeye Doyle from the movie “The French Connection” and not the popular cartoon character. The restaurant was founded on June 12, 1972, in Arabi, Louisiana, by Al Copeland as the restaurant “Chicken OnThe Run”, which he later renamed as Popeye’s. After 4 years of opening the business, he was able to sell his first franchise which led to the opening of 500 more restaurants in the course of 10 years. Today they continue to innovate New Orleans style fried chicken allowing them sustain the popularity and success they have amassed throughout the years.

Why Choose Popeye’s for Your Catering Needs

Popeye’s specializes in delectable comfort food like fried chicken with mild and spicy variants, biscuits, sides of red rice, beans, Cajun fries, and so much more. If you want to enjoy New Orleans or Cajun cuisine on your family reunion or party, then Popeye’s catering is your best bet. They can provide all the fried chicken or fried chicken tenders you need, including sides and dozens of buttermilk biscuits. Their pre-set menus can accommodate groups of 20, 30, 50, 75, and 100, without burning a hole in your pocket. Popeye’s catering prices offer the best value for money no matter how much fried chicken you’d like to get for your upcoming event.

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