Schnucks Catering Prices

Even with your hectic schedule, you can still sneak in time to plan a party, thanks to Schnucks catering services! You have everything that you will need and want for the gathering, from the food and drinks to the décor and dining utensils. Now all you need to do is to plan the party and get it started.

Here’s a list of Schnucks catering prices:


Schnucks Catering Menu

Hot Dogs

Chicken Wings$6.99/lb
Chicken Fingers$6.99/lb
Chicken Chunks$6.99/lb
Original or Spicy Fried Chicken (36 pcs.)$34.99
Original or Spicy Fried Chicken (50 pcs.)$45.99
Original or Spicy Fried Chicken (100 pcs.)$79.99
Original or Spicy Fried Chicken (250 pcs.)$179.99
Office Meetings & Parties (16 pcs.)$23.99
Office Meetings & Parties (20 pcs.)$29.99


Call our Event Coordinator for prices.n/a


Boar’s Head Dollar Rolls (dozen-plain)$18.99
Boar’s Head Dollar Rolls (dozen-with cheese)$20.99
Mini Chicken Salad Croissants (dozen)$34.99
Boar’s Head Sandwich Tray (12-half-size sandwiches)$52.99
Tea Sandwiches (serves 15)$49.99
Box Lunches$7.49/each
Boar’s Head Favorites (serves 10-15)$59.99
Boar’s Head Favorites (serves 20-25)$79.99
Boar’s Head Favorites (serves 30-35)$99.99


Shrimp Lovers Platter (80-100 pcs.)$34.99

Fruit & Vegetables

Bistro Caesar Salad Small$29.99
Bistro Caesar Salad Large$45.99
Southwest Salad Small$29.99
Southwest Salad Large$45.99
Spinach Salad Small$29.99
Spinach Salad Large$45.99
Chopped Salad Small$29.99
Chopped Salad Large$45.99
Greek Salad Small$29.99
Greek Salad Large$45.99
Thai Beef Small$29.99
Thai Beef Large$45.99
Fruit Salad Small (serves 10)$39.99
Fruit Salad Large (serves 20)$59.99


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Schnucks Markets, Inc. was established in 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri. The company increased the number of its stores by opening new locations and by merging with other retail store chains. The impressive growth can also be attributed to the abandonment by the likes of A&P and Kroger of local areas, thus, allowing Schnucks to dominate the market.

Today, Schnucks Markets, Inc. is among the largest privately-held chain of supermarkets in the United States.

Why Choose Schnucks for Your Catering Needs

When you choose Schnucks for your catering needs, you’re essentially making entertaining so much easier and faster, if not more enjoyable. You can read the Schnucks Party Guide for more information about party planning, as well as useful tips in decorating the venue, preparing and serving the food, and entertaining the guests.

For your food and drinks, your first stop should be the Schnucks Deli Department. You can order from several types of deli trays, sandwiches, and appetizers, as well as roasted, fried, and baked chicken with rolls, biscuits and sides.

You can also buy most of your party supplies at Schnucks! Think of it as your one-stop shop for your party.

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