Texas Roadhouse Catering Prices

Texas Roadhouse is an American casual restaurant chain specializing in steaks and other Southern style dishes. They take pride in serving fresh, never frozen hand-cut steaks and they boast on their menu that are all made with fresh ingredients and are all made from scratch in-store. Their menu features a selection of hand-cut steaks, BBQ ribs, chicken wings, seafood entrées and Southern style side dishes. Texas Roadhouse catering offers an array of delicious and hot meals offered in platters and party packages. All their catering packages come with complete set of utensils and everything you need in serving your meals. Like most restaurants and catering services, they usually require catering orders to be placed at least 24 hours before the actual event. You may place your catering orders through their website, phone or in their local stores near you. They currently have more than 450 locations across the United States, Middle East countries and Taiwan.

Here’s a list of Texas Roadhouse catering prices:


Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu

Oven Roasted Sirloin (6oz.)$10.00/person
Oven Roasted Sirloin (8oz.)$12.00/person
Prime Rib & Chicken Combo (8oz. Prime Rib & 4oz. Chicken)$15.00/person
Chicken Breast (Choice of BBQ Sauce or Cream Gravy)$10.00/person
Pulled Pork & Chicken Combo (6oz.)$10.00/person
Pulled Pork & Chicken Combo (8oz.)$12.00/person
Rib & Chicken Combo (6oz.)$12.00/person
Rib & Chicken Combo (8oz.)$14.00/person
Ribeye Steak (12oz.)$13.00/person
Ribeye Steak (14oz.)$16.00/person

Custom Orders

We will be happy to work out a custom menu that suits your needs for any occasion.

Kid's Items

Hot Dogsprice varies
Corn Dogsprice varies
Mac & Cheeseprice varies
Pulled Pork Slidersprice varies


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Kent Taylor opened the first Texas Roadhouse at Green Tree Mall in Clarksville, Indiana in 1993. Taylor who worked in fast food restaurants and nightclubs in order to send his self in a culinary school had always dreamed of owning a Colorado-themed restaurant. The company immediately gained its popularity and rapidly expanded throughout the region. Aside from their extraordinary food and good service, the company became known for the entertainment they provide their customers with. Each location features line dancing where waiters and waitress perform line dance to popular country songs. With over 20 years in the food business today, the company remained true to their founding philosophy, which is to serve affordable legendry Southern style meals created and served with passion. They remained committed in providing their customers with authentic Southern style dining experience through mouth-watering fresh meals served in generous portions and with great hospitality service.  

Why Choose Texas Roadhouse for Your Catering Needs

If you are looking for a casual restaurant that serves delicious Southern style home cooked meals to cater your event, Texas Roadhouse is a great choice. Their wide selection of mouth-watering meals are all made fresh in-store, a guarantee that you are serving your guest with real home cooked meals. Their meal offerings are also proven to be all-time crowd favorites, so you can be sure that all your guests will have a satisfying meal.

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