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Three Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Catering Service for Your Corporate Event

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With so many catering services offering various cuisines, amenities, and packages, the task of finding the best catering can be really challenging. This is particularly true considering there are many factors that you need to think of, such as choosing the menu that will appeal to the VIP guests and checking the tableware that the caterer will use. While doing all these can be stressful, some of the tasks are really needed in order to guarantee that your corporate event will go as smooth as possible. Thus, it is helpful to ask your catering service the following questions.

Have they conducted a similar event on the same location before?

The event venue is a significant factor for any caterer, hence, it is vital that you ask them if they have already held an event on the similar venue in the past. This is in consideration of the managing and handling that they may have to go through on the actual event. If they do some onsite cooking, it is important that they check the kitchen, the electrical supply required, and other factors that they need for the event to run smoothly.

Are they flexible with food choices?

When it comes to food choices, flexibility is an imperative factor when choosing a reliable catering service. You may want to incorporate a few things into the menu. You may want to serve a traditional fare or the favorite cuisine of your company President. You need to consider this since not all caterers will have these dishes readily available on their set of choices. Whether they have your preferred menu or not, you would know it beforehand, giving you more time to look for other options.

What options do you have for various dietary requirements?

You are bound to entertain guests with different dietary requirements, so how the event caterer will deal with these is very important. You should think about vegan and vegetarian options, as well as dairy-free and gluten-free selections. Whole Foods catering offers a wide variety of food choices for any occasions. From starters to main dishes and desserts, they will surely satisfy your guests.

A professional and reliable event caterer will be adept to addressing these concerns, so don’t be reluctant on giving them a grilling. Make sure to be clear about what you need to achieve as well as your budgetary limitations. Catering can form a huge portion of your event budget so it is important you chose a catering service that is reliable.

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