Tijuana Flats Catering Prices

The Tijuana Flats catering program is one of the most popular for hosts and hostesses who want the best in Tex-Mex cuisine for their professional events and personal occasions. Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex, as the chain of restaurants is formally known by, has 119 locations – and counting – in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, and Virginia. The chain is known for its fresh produce, organic white meat chicken, and lard-free dishes (i.e., food is fried in zero trans-fatty acids cooking oils), as well as for its hot sauce bars, offbeat culture, and superior guest service.

Here’s a list of Tijuana Flats catering prices:


Tijuana Flats Catering Menu


Burrito Trip$9.99/person
Taco Trip$9.99/person
Salad Trip$9.99/person

Party Packs

Burrito Party Pack$6.99/person
Taco Party Pack$6.99/person


Megajuana Trio$14.99


Rice (Pt.)$2.99
Rice (Qt.)$4.99
Refried or Black Beans (Pt.)$3.49
Refried or Black Beans (Qt.)$5.99
Salsa (Pt.)$3.49
Salsa (Qt.)$5.99
Queso (Pt.)$6.99
Queso (Qt.)$12.99
Guacamole (Pt.)$6.99
Guacamole (Qt.)$12.99
Sour Cream (Pt.)$6.99
Sour Cream (Qt.)$12.99


Diet Coke$1.25
Bottled Water$0.99
Gallon Of Iced Tea$4.99
Gallon Of Lemonade$6.99
Bag Of Crushed Ice (10lbs.)Complimentary


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Brian Wheeler, who was inspired by the Burrito Brothers, a Mexican restaurant in Florida, opened the first Tijuana Flats in Winter Park, Florida. He borrowed $20,000 from his father and his first customers were students from his former college. While he was initially unsuccessful in making his own signature hot sauce, he hired Edgewater to create the now-famous “Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally” – and thus began his continued success to this day.  

Why Choose It for Your Catering Needs

The Tijuana Flats catering prices will not burn your pockets, which cannot be said of its hot sauces with their oh-so-delicious burn on your tongue. You can choose from several catering options depending on your budget so repeated bookings will become common in your life.

Getting your party started with Tijuana Flats as your caterer is easy with these steps:

  • Browse the menu in a restaurant or on the official website so that you can choose from the catering options.
  • Place your order either in person – visit your nearest Tijuana Flats restaurant – or by phone.
  • Pick up your orders on the agreed time, date and place.

Keep in mind that the chain only accepts catering for a minimum of 10 people and a 24-hour notice is required for large and small orders. You also have the option of customizing the menu in case you have specific needs yet still want the Tijuana Flats to cater to your event. You will appreciate it, too, that the chain updates its catering menu on a regular basis, which means you will likely have something new to offer your guests for every event.  

Your choices in catering packages include Trips suitable for 20 or more people and Party Packs good for 10 people. With the Trips package, you have the best DIY option with chafing dishes, sternos, and stands for a complete set-up.  

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