Waffle House Catering Prices

The Waffle House catering program will not make you waffle around with your choices! Waffle House, Inc., after all, is a well-known chain of restaurants with more than 2,100 locations across the United States – truly, a regional cultural icon in the South. Its headquarters are in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  

Here’s a list of Waffle House catering prices:


Waffle House Catering Menu


Cheese N' Eggs Breakfast$6.50/person
All-Star Breakfast (half order)$7.50/person
All-Star Breakfast (fullorder)$8.50/person
Additional toppings for waffles and hash browns$0.45+
Biscuit Sandwiches (Egg and Cheese)$2.75
Biscuit Sandwiches (Sausage Biscuit)$2.75
Biscuit Sandwiches (Bacon, Egg and Cheese)$3.75
Biscuit Sandwiches (Sausage, Egg and Cheese)$3.75
Biscuit Sandwiches (Chicken Biscuit)$4.00
Jalapeno Biscuit$0.50+
Extra Cheese$0.45+
A La Carte (Plain Biscuit)$2.00/person
A La Carte (Hash browns)$2.50/person
A La Carte (Grits)$2.25/person
A La Carte (2 Bacon or 2 Sausage)$2.75/person
A La Carte (2 Scrambled Eggs with Cheese)$3.50/person
A La Carte (Waffle)$3.50/person
A La Carte (Sausage, Egg and Cheese Grit Bowl)$4.00/person
Old Fashioned Omelets (Cheese Only)$5.75
Old Fashioned Omelets (Ham and Cheese)$6.25
Old Fashioned Omelets (Ham, Cheese, Onions, Tomatoes, Jalapenos)$7.00
Old Fashioned Omelets (Cheesesteak)$7.00
Egg Whites Only$0.75+
Waffle Bar$4.50/person
Dessert Waffle Bar$6.00/person
Hash Brown Bar$5.00/person
Add Chili topping$1.00+


Classic Dinner (Sirloin Steak Dinner)$10.50/person
Classic Dinner (Pork Chop Dinner)$9.50/person
Classic Dinner (Grilled Chicken Dinner)$9.25/person
Chili (Bert’s Chili)$3.50/person
Chili (Bert’s Chili Bar)$4.50/person
Burgers & Sandwiches (“Original” Angus Cheeseburger )$2.00
Burgers & Sandwiches (Grilled Cheese)$3.00
Burgers & Sandwiches (Angus Cheeseburger)$4.50
Burgers & Sandwiches (Grilled Chicken Sandwich)$4.50
Burgers & Sandwiches (Angus Patty Melt)$4.75
Burgers & Sandwiches (Texas Cheesesteak Melt)$5.50
Salads (Garden Salad)$3.50
Salads (Grilled Chicken Salad)$6.50
Salads (Chicken Apple Pecan Salad)$7.00
Aunt Maggie’s Pie (Southern Pecan)$2.50
Aunt Maggie’s Pie (Triple Chocolate)$2.50


Regular Yogurt$1.50
Greek Yogurt$3.00
2 Turkey Bacon$2.75
2 Turkey Sausage$2.75
Mixed Fresh Fruit Bowl (serves up to 15)$15.00


20oz Dasani Water$1.75
Orange Juice$1.80
20oz Bottled Soda$1.75
Sweet Tea$1.80


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Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner opened the first Waffle House on Labor Day weekend in 1955 in Avondale Estates, Georgia. Their concept: Combine the speed of a fast-food joint with superior table service open on a 24-hour basis. The single restaurant soon grew to several restaurants under the full-time management of the co-founders

Why Choose It for Your Catering Needs

The Waffle House catering prices are one of the reasons for the program’s popularity – budget-friendly options that provide the best value for the money. You will love the world-class quality of the food and drinks from their preparation and presentation to their tastes, texture and flavors. You can rest assured that the catering staff will deliver one of the best guest services that will delight your guests, which will contribute to your party being a hit.  

You can book the Waffle House catering services for virtually all of your events including business meetings, corporate functions, school events, wedding receptions, and birthday parties, among others. Just be sure to tell the catering staff about your specific needs for your occasion so that the appropriate arrangements can be made. In so doing, you are giving yourself and your guests the Waffle House Experience in your own home or in any venue that you choose for your party.  

When booking the services, be ready with the relevant information including the date, time and place of the event; the estimated number of guests; and the services that you want from Waffle House including your chosen menu options. You will be able to discuss these matters in more detail with the catering manager as well as ask for a quote.

You can avail of the catering services in several ways:

  • On location with the catering staff delivering the food and setting up the buffet table in your desired location. This is available for 20+ persons with costs of more than $150
  • Delivery with your food orders delivered to your desired location with additional fees for delivery services. This is a perfect option for early morning business meetings, pre-game sessions, and tailgating parties.
  • Food truck option can only be used for private events; additional fees for mileage, usage and event duration apply.

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